Our Social Retail solution brings the person-to-person experience safely back to in-store retail


Our Social Retail solution brings the person-to-person experience safely back to in-store retail.

Person-to-person.  These types of interactions used to be so important for successful in-store retail.  Great service, product suggestions, and suggesting add-on sale items drove customer satisfaction, and also good sales and margin figures.  Social Commerce accomplishes some of these things on the big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and now Tiktok.  And Amazon certainly provides great service and communications in its own highly utilitarian way.

Brick and Mortar retailers have to compete better with Amazon and other online DTC retail brands that have emerged, like Warby Parker, Casper, and Stitch Fix.  But these DTC brands are also opening stores, so investing in the in-store experience will still provide that person-to-person valued experience, especially after the pandemic.

The Brand Media ID platform provides uses mobile and specialized social to drive a new magic formula for in-store retailing:

Social Retail = Experiential Retail + Social Commerce

It empowers all the people that are behind an in-store experience:  brand merchandisers, advertisers and marketing people; retail store operations management and retail marketers; and most importantly, passionate in-store teams who can all be sales people if given the tools to do so.  In essence, this creates for each customer a social experience not unlike that experienced on the big social media platforms, but it is more tailored, more localized, and more driven to create in-store traffic and strong sales at great margins.  Our platform truly revitalizes the in-store shopping experience by connecting people the way they want to be connected today – at their discretion but at the same time any time or anywhere using their smart phone:


Summarizing this Volume 3 blog series about mobile shopping and in-store retail’s synergies,  our company’s Social Retail solutions make customers MORE likely to use their phones to stay engaged with the local retailers they love due to the immersive but convenient and safe, contactless nature of the Brand Media ID Social Retail solution.   They can use mobile for at-home product browsing, review of offers, omnichannel ordering and delivery, and learning about what’s new at their favorite retailer.  Store personnel and all the other teams supporting them can create new customer engagement experiences with a simple posting platform that creates a store-centric feed.

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