The in-store ability to scan bar codes was a powerful start for mobile shopping


The in-store ability to scan bar codes was a powerful start for mobile shopping.

In-store Mobile Shopping got its start by allowing customers to use their smart phones to scan bar codes to get more product information, check current pricing, search for better deals elsewhere, etc.  This infographic illustrates where Mobile Shopping has been:

But where is in-store Mobile Shopping headed?  Brick and mortar retailers have gone from being disadvantaged, by things in the past like Showrooming (looking at a product in a store then buying it from home online at a cheaper price), to having a clear advantage in deploying mobile solutions that make in-store shopping easier, more productive, and more fun.

The newest trends in Mobile Shopping can help brick and mortar retailer compete with online-only players in the following ways:

  • 47% of leading national retailers now have their own app and mobile-specific web site, because increased customer engagement provides a good return on the investment
  • retailers are investing in Mobile Shopping in surprising new ways, like providing in-store mobile links to promotions, Augmented Reality apps, and product demonstration videos
  • Social Retail can help close the deal when it matters most, by empowering in-store personnel to provide final information or advice, show complementary items, match a competitor deal, or simply agree to help a customer get their purchases to their car
  • The rise of Direct Messaging as a strong emerging form of customer interaction, for both customer support and marketing, is highly notable, and it is a non-integrated form of  Social Retail

Summarizing, American shoppers are in the second or third inning with respect to Mobile Shopping – there is a lot more exciting innovation and adoption to come, and much of it will occur inside stores.  We believe that Social Retail will play an important role!

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